About Me

About Me

I’ve been a practicing clinical, research, and political psychologist for over thirty years. My new book is titled POLITICAL MIND GAMES: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding of What’s Happening, What’s Right, and What’s Possible. More broadly, my work focuses on applying psychological knowledge to issues of social justice and social change.

I am the former executive director of the Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict at the University of Pennsylvania, and a past president of Psychologists for Social Responsibility. I’m also a member of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, which advocates against complicity in torture and in favor of restoring psychology’s commitment to do-no-harm ethics.

Over my career, I’ve written dozens of scholarly articles published in a variety of leading academic journals. In more recent years, my efforts have turned toward writing for a broader audience. In addition to my popular Psychology Today blog, my writing has appeared in outlets such as the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Alternet, and Truthout. In recognition of contributions to the field, I was honored to receive the Anthony J. Marsella Prize for the Psychology of Peace and Social Justice.

I received my undergraduate degree from Princeton University and my doctorate in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



My Work

My current work focuses on the political “mind games” used by those with extraordinary wealth and power to grow their empire — while stifling the public’s outrage and solidarity over today’s extreme inequality.

Selected Media Appearances
Links to some of my articles for a range of media outlets, and audio files of some interviews I’ve done for radio and TV.

Selected Papers in Academic Journals
PDF versions of several of the articles in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and other outlets.

Brief YouTube videos I’ve created that examine issues of war, psychological ethics, and right-wing propaganda.

A Political Cartoon
I’m not a cartoonist (but some say a picture is worth a thousand words). To date, this is my one and only attempt.


POLITICAL MIND GAMES: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding of What’s Happening, What’s Right, and What’s Possible

Giant corporations are raking in record profits, while millions of Americans remain scarred by the Great Recession and a recovery that has left them behind. Mammoth defense contractors push for more of everything military, while programs for the poor are on life support. Global polluters are blocking effective responses to climate change, while the disenfranchised …

Facing History: My Reply to APA CEO Arthur Evans

In a recent Washington Post commentary, I made four points. First, psychologists played essential roles in the government-authorized torture and abuse of “war on terror” detainees. Second, the American Psychological Association (APA) facilitated this involvement — by secretly accommodating CIA and Defense Department interests; by contesting evidence of wrongdoing with deceptive public statements; and by …

Fear, the NRA and Gun Industry’s Deadliest Weapon

School children and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut; parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina; co-workers in San Bernardino, California; nightclub attendees in Orlando, Florida; and now concertgoers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each time, the horror of yet another mass shooting leaves us stunned, grief-stricken, and desperate for answers. But always lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce, …



I can be reached by email at  roy [at] royeidelson.com  or by phone at 610-513-8685.

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